Welcome to Montalvo Education

Providing learning experiences across a range of life stages and fields.

Secondary Centre of Excellence for iGCSEs and A Levels

What is our focus?

A launchpad to the world's Universities and Colleges:

A small, rigorous and resourceful international school where we ensure your teenagers are prepared to for their next big step.

Admission to Universities and Higher Education is becoming ever more demanding, Firms and Businesses are becoming increasingly selective with new recruits. Top grades are only the first step to in this long journey. Make sure your school has the academic structure to support as you begin to travel your path.

Who are our students?

A school for motivated and driven Students:

We aim to provide multicultural and diverse student body with a common goal of becoming the best in their respective fields fueled by a sense of healthy competitiveness.

We believe that one of the crucial factors to a successful academic journey lies in being surrounded by like-minded colleagues and a strong, cohesive cohort. Students at Montalvo will evaluated and interviewed to give them an opportunity to describe their goals and passions, as well as their current mindset and how they hope to improve it.

What do we offer?

Small class sizes to ensure tailored support:‚Äč

Our small school dimension allows each and every student to be mentored, guided and made sure they are on track.

Our reduced class sizes give our teachers the opportunity to follow up and follow through which each student’s progress in their respective disciplines. Most of our qualifications are modular, meaning students sit several official exams over the course of the year. This means the pressure is always on and our teachers ensure no student is falling behind.

Montalvo Tuition

Support in diverse subjects across all ages and levels

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