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Fundação Algarve para as Artes e Cultura

Welcome to FAPAC

We are a recently established foundation.
Our website is still under construction.
Feel free to view our About Us page to learn more about who we are and what we do.

Bringing the Algarve to the world and the world to the Algarve.


To promote the recognition of artistic and cultural practices in the Algarve region through contact with artists, creators, and professionals from across the world. We emphasise the value of creative practice by younger people as a means for building cultural democracy.

Who we are

FAPAC is a philanthropic foundation working in the field of arts and culture. We seek to enrich local artistic and cultural action through global dialogues, through the exchange of knowledge, practice, and experience with others - other artists, other cultures, other languages, other geographies, other stories.

What we do

We aim to consolidate the standing of the Algarve and Portugal as an international centre for the arts and cultural production.

We do this through philanthropic support of artistic creation such as co-productions, exhibitions, performances, and partnerships, emphasising collaboration and shared thinking.

Our focus includes creating a productive environment for artists' creative development, learning, and growth through extensive networking.

We have a commitment to building state-of-the-art infrastructure for all different artistic disciplines, with an emphasis on cultural mediation and accessibility.

How we do it

Interacting with schools and local communities to support their talent and creativity;

Developing a state-of-the-art cultural complex;

Organising and promoting concerts, performances, festivals, artist residencies, cultural mediation/training activities, workshops and other events;

Providing material and financial support to artists and professionals in the region's cultural sector;

Introducing Algarve-based artists to international artistic circuits, and inviting internationally renowned artists to produce and exhibit work, in this way developing collaborative practices that stimulate the cultural fabric of the region;

Collaborating with institutional interlocutors in the fields of culture and education, local, regional, national, European, and international, to increase and enhance the resources directed to the region.

Why we do it

The Algarve is a cultural crossroads where tradition and innovation meet. With our cultural hub, digital ecosystem, and our philanthropic support, we promote the empowerment of young people through the arts, affirming the Algarve as a centre of cultural democracy.