Welcome to Loulé

Loulé is a quaint traditional town, in central Algarve. It is around 15km from Faro, the district’s Capital. With a population of 34,000 currently, this town hides in itself the true spirit of local heritage. It is stated frequently that Loulé serves as the creative capital of crafts in the Algarve, supported by the local craftsman. With traces of Roman and Moorish Civilizations that lived here in the past, a modernized and restored municipal market in the city center and traditional alleyways and shops within, Loulé has styles from different centuries in peaceful coexistence. From history to gastronomy, Loulé proves to be must see for those wanting to get a taste of the rich and distinct Portuguese culture.

Not familiar?

Here are a few things you can do in Loulé:

Mercado de Loulé

Mercado de Loulé: Known as the famous municipal market it is a beautiful building having an oriental architecture that dates back to 1908. Saturday is the recommended day for maximum variety of local produce and goods. Recently the market has been restored given a fresh look.

The Loulé Town Hall

Town Hall: You can also admire the town hall (originated in the 19th century) with an old town gate as a highlight on its right side.

Castle of Loulé (Museum)

Castle of Loulé (and municipal museum): The castle holds in itself the municipal museum, the castle itself is an archaeological site not to be missed and the museum exhibits historical artifacts. Only a 4-minute walk from the market hall.

Church of St. Clemente

Church of St. Clemente: Gothic building from the 13th century, it is the oldest Church of Loulé.

Shrine of Nossa Senhora da Piedade

Shrine of Nossa Senhora da Piedade: This building is visible from all over Loulé. This shrine has a modern look to it and resembles a spaceship. The pilgrims normally walk uphill to reach the shrine, but it is also possible to drive up and also enjoy the view of the town of Loulé.

Municipal Park of Loulé

Parque Municipal de Loulé: Located in the center of Loulé, the park has been modernized and recently restored. With dedicated spaces for activities, eating or just a leisurely walk the Loulé park is a pleasant area to visit.